Identity & Situated Learning

Read Chapters 3 & 4

Discussion Questions

  • What where the notable take aways from these chapters?
  • How does the information from these chapters help you in your teaching?
  • What ways can we support students to form positive learning identities?
  • How can we both entice learners to try in our classroom and make sure they achieve meaningful success?
  • Do any of Gee’s Learning Principles (#6 – #22 are listed in these chapters) stand out to you?
  • What do you thinking about Gee’s claim that “critical learning in any domain should lead to learners becoming, in a sense, designers?”


  • Arcanum Gameplay – Gee references his experiences with this game so you’re welcome to check out the videos of the game being played.
  • Deus Ex Gameplay – In chapter 4 Gee also talks about playing this game and how the language of the manual relates to playing the game. These videos showcase the gameplay experience.


Topics In Practice

Top Examples

  1. Reacting To The Past (RTTP) (+2)
  2. Growth Mindset (+1)
  3. Who We Are and Who We Become (+1)
  4. Zombie Course (+1)

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