About This Reading Group

We’re reading What Video Games Have To Teach Us About Learning And Literacy by Dr. James Paul Gee and discussing the implications of games, learning, and literacy in education.  In this concise book, Gee offers an accessible framework for contemplating teaching and learning in our classrooms.

In particular, our group will focus on investigating real world examples of topics presented throughout the book and applying these concepts in practice. Each week’s webpage will collect and showcase these examples, refer to the 1st week to see this in practice. From Media Literacy to Reacting to the Past curriculum, we’ll explore many opportunities to critically engage students in their studies.

Gee Videos On Learning

Reading Schedule

Week 1* – Chapters 1 & 2
Week 2 – Chapters 3 & 4
Week 3 – Chapters 5 & 6
Week 4 – Chapters 7 & 8

*Week 1 Starts October 23rd (2017)

Discuss, Reflect, & Apply

Each week’s page will host asynchronous video discussions. You’re encouraged to contribute and respond to ideas in that space.

Additionally, consider submitting “in practice” examples of the topics presented in the book using the form at the bottom of each week’s page (see the 1st week as reference). Examples are shown based on a simple ranking system—the more upvotes an example receives, the more prominent it will be displayed. This system seeks to bring the best submissions forward to be showcased on the website and in our conversations. Building this collection is intended to give everyone practice applying the knowledge Gee presents while also creating a useful resource for our discussion.

Alternatively, consider writing a reflection as a blog post on your own site. If there’s significant interest, I’ll put together a reflection section on this website like I’ve done for previous reading circles (message me if this sounds interesting).

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